Ari and Gyuszi on the farm

Dedicated to

Aranka Fábos Héviziné

& Gyula Fábos

Lake Balaton


Written, produced, and created by

Bettina Fabos

Historical Advising and Editing

Leslie Waters

and Kristina Poznan


Dana Potter


Collin Cahill

Jacob Espenscheid

Connor Thorson


Isaac Campbell

Lake Balaton

Story Reviewers

Anita Haüsermann Fábos, Ph.D.

Christopher Martin, Ph.D.

Judit Hegedűs

Judy Polumbaum, Ph.D.

Leisl Carr Childers, Ph.D.

Matt Kollasch

Éva Petrás, Ph.D.

Renata Sack

Julius Gyula Fábos, Ph.D.

László Hévizi, Ph.D.

Stephanie Clohesy

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Judit Hegedűs

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Károly Jókay, Ph.D.

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Kamill Kámán

Dr. Miklós Köszeghy, DDS

Dr. Kristian Lundgren-Koszeghy, DMD

Vilmos Somogyi

Nóra Gál, Ph.D.

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Miklós Tamási

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Senior Audiovisual Archivist

Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives

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Curator, Photo Collection

Museum of Ethnography (Budapest)Ω

Judit Dorottya Csorba

Curator, Film and Photo Collection

Museum of Ethnography (Budapest)

Éva Fisli, Ph.D.

Curator, Historical Photo Department

Hungarian National Museum

Katalin Bognár, Ph.D.

Photo-historian, Curator, Historical Photo Department

Hungarian National Museum

Tibor Sándor

Department Head

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Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

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Lake Balaton Lake Balaton Lake Balaton Lake Balaton

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Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives |

OSA Archívum

Visual History Archive/SHOAH Foundation

War Office, British Government

Wolfsonian—Florida International University

Yad Vashem: The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

As well as the personal collections of Gyula Fábos, Aranka Fábos Héviziné, Bettina Fabos, Tibor Jankovics, the Puchner Family, Tamás Rácz, Renata Sack, Michelle Shedlin, Tamás Suchman, Béla Szabó, Leslie Waters, and Matthew Wilson.

Translation & Transcriptions

Liza Bognár

Zsuzsa Bognár

Réka Juhász

George Greskovits, Ph.D.

Olivia Fabos Martin

Dorottya Hévizi

Voice Over

Zsuzsa Bognár

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I doubt I will ever find another collaborative team so breathtakingly talented as the team that built this project: Collin Cahill, Isaac Campbell, Jacob Espenscheid, Dana Potter, Kristina Poznan, and Leslie Waters – thank you for your supreme intelligence, spirit, wit, endless dedication, and beautiful friendship.

I would also like to thank my sister, Anita Haüsermann Fábos, for initiating this project with me, organizing and conducting our first interviews, and helping me think through the facets of our family tree. Thank you too, to my cousin László Hévizi for the unbelievable support and guidance through our family archives. And thank you to my immediate family members, Christopher Martin, Olivia, and Sabine, who supported me as I crafted this project.

My enduring appreciation goes to all of the archivists who spent time and energy digitizing the nearly one thousand images and artifacts that make up Proud & Torn. 42 archives are represented here, nearly all of them connected to museums and libraries. All of these resources shaped my early research and then became significant sources for visualizing the multiple storylines I was trying to tell about Hungary, and specifically, about rural Hungary.

No photo archive has been more important to Proud & Torn, however, than Fortepan. Curated by Miklós Tamási, this incomparable archive features the amateur photos of everyday Hungarians and is a lyrical journey into Hungary’s past. More than a third of the photographs in this project come from Fortepan. In fact, the archive became such an inspiration that I worked with Tamási and my own colleagues Leisl Carr Childers, Sergey Golitsynskiy, and Noah Doely at the University of Northern Iowa to launch its first sister site, Fortepan Iowa, in 2015.

Finally, many thanks to numerous friends and family members who helped in big and small ways to assist this project: Ilona Antal, Mercédesz Pápai, Edith Fabos, Nóra Gál, Márta Nagy, Matthew Wilson, Jonathan Chenoweth, Jason Paulsen, Andy Van Fleet, Jason Thompson, Matt Johnson, Mark Doeden, Fernando Calderon, Yasemin Sari, Kate Dunning, Jean McDonald, and Emily Gioielli.